The Battle of the Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans

My nine year old daughter loves to wear blue jeans with holes in them. It drives me crazy. She will wear them everyday. She will wear them to school, the store, and she tries to wear them to church (and then I have to make her go change). It bothers me because she has a […]

Finding Encouragement


“Every individual believes deep down that he or she has a greater capacity for success than they are currently experiencing. They simply need someone who will believe in them and tell them so – someone who will fan the flame rather than extinguish the fire. We have that potential with our words.” – Sharon Jaynes […]

5 Books for When Your Marriage Sucks

marriage books

If you are in an abusive marriage, this article does not apply. While some of these books might be helpful, it is important that you seek help in the right places and make sure that you and your children if you have them are safe. Focus on the Family has an article with advice for […]

Is Your Life Husband Centered?


Wow, I have been absent on my own blog for almost two weeks! Summer has gotten busy as it is quickly coming to an end and in all honesty I have been struggling to find anything marriage related to write about. My marriage hasn’t been the perfect example lately, old hurts have resurfaced stronger in […]

A New Adventure – I’m a Travel Agent


If you haven’t noticed in the past, I love Disney and planning for Disney vacations. My family has been going each year since 2010 and I enjoy the planning process more and more every time! I hate when I hear people who didn’t enjoy their Disney vacations, or those that have went once and feel […]

Don’t Be Afraid; Just Believe

As I mentioned before, I have been working my way through a study that covers the book of Mark in the Bible. I was reading in chapter 5 a few days ago about the synagogue ruler named Jairus who came to Jesus because his daughter was sick. While he was with Jesus some men came […]

Spending Time With God


At the beginning of this week as part of my Fitness Challenge I committed to waking up in time to exercise, what this also included was getting up early enough to spend quiet time with God. See, what happens is I hit snooze too many times, my kids wake up, the day starts, and I miss […]

Get Your Body Back Challenge Week 5

 Oh, how pathetic I have been at this challenge. Last week I completed two days of working out. Not my finest week EVER! Due to the horribleness (that’s a word, right?) of my effort last week I have decided to redo the week. I just don’t feel right counting it towards my challenge when I did […]

Do You Need to be Encouraged?


Lately I have been stressed and worried. I have been fighting to maintain peace within because of all the “what ifs” that are running through my head. I have been wanting encouragement, even praying that God will provide someone into my day that will offer the encouragement that I need and that He would just […]