20 Signs You Are a Disney Addict

20 Signs You Are a Disney Addict

As I have mentioned before, my family loves Disney World. Our Disney vacations are something that we look forward to on a consistent basis as a family. I have found when having conversations with people about Disney I have to hold back a little because I get too excited and come across a little… Disney crazy! I think I sometimes overwhelm people.

So, just for fun for all of you Disney lovers, here is a list of 20 signs that you are a Disney Addict:

  1. For fun your family watches the free Disney Planning Guide DVD over and over again.
  2. Your kids (and their My Little Ponies, Princesses, Barbies and Little People) play going to Disney
  3. Your magic band has become part of your daily accessories. Everyone could use a little Disney magic every day, right.                       DSCF5506
  4. You no longer feel weird having Mickey Mouse decorations all over your house.
  5. Your drinkware now consist of all Disney reusable mugs. (We have 14 only have 2 actual glasses plus lots of other Disney coffee cups). DSCF5842
  6. There is no longer vacation planning, just Disney vacation planning. (Our friends and family know ask us when we are going to Disney for the year instead of where we are going on vacation)
  7. You check-out all the Disney guides from the library when you need a little pick-me-up.
  8. When you sit down at the table for dinner each night your kids say “Let’s talk about Disney”
  9. You have actually invented a game for your family called “The Disney Guessing Game” (which is kind of like 20 Questions)
  10. The homepage on your computer is the Disney.com
  11. The Disney ornaments are taking over your Christmas tree and you like it.
  12. You choose to handwash your special Disney plates and cups instead of using the dishwasher to keep the pictures from fading.
  13. You measure your kids heights based on what rides they can go on.
  14. You have ever bought a special pair of shoes so your child will have that one extra inch to make the cutoff for a ride.
  15. Your family sees hidden mickey’s everywhere they go.
  16. You make all your food into the shape of Mickey Mouse (pancakes, biscuits, homemade bagels, using the cookie cutter on everything from cookies to sandwiches to cheese and apple slices).
  17. You have a large supply of Disney soap and shampoo that you ration until your next trip.
  18. You check Disney vacation package options almost on a daily basis for fun.
  19. You plan regular “Disney Nights” where your food and activities are all themed around a specific Disney movie.
  20. Almost every picture of your entire family includes at least one Disney character or backdrop.



Here are a few of my favorite Disney planning sites. We visit these sites often for Disney fun, facts, deals, and tips!

So, how about you? Are you a Disney addict? What things Disney things do you do?

One thought on “20 Signs You Are a Disney Addict

  1. Sounds like your family loves Disney a lot, but I understand. I do truly think it’s the happiest place on Earth. We took our kids to Disney for the first time last summer and we are looking forward to more Disney vacations in the future.

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