A New Kind of Date Night

A New Kind of Date Night

I tried something new yesterday and I had so much fun!

The past two weeks have been getting stressful in my house. I think my girls have spring fever! Here in Michigan we got some really nice and warm weather awhile back and then things got a little colder again. Everyone wants out of the house and we are ready for the sunshine!

The past two weeks have brought constant bickering and tears between my girls. Do you ever have those days where you feel like all you are doing is breaking up fights and disciplining? I have been getting so tired of it. And, than my mother-in-law stepped in and saved the day. She invited the girls to a sleepover! It was music to my exhausted ears.

I love my daughters, I really do. But, I needed a break! My husband has been working LONG hours on our church remodel project for weeks and I was feeling like a single parent (and I give all of you single parents so much credit!! – you are amazing and deserve a break). And, I missed my husband. We haven’t had much time to connect because once he gets home we are both exhausted from the day.

So, yesterday afternoon Grandma and Papa came and took the girls for the night and it was exciting for everyone! The girls couldn’t wait to go get spoiled by their grandparents and I couldn’t wait for a date night with my husband.

We don’t do date nights like we should. I have heard and fully agree that a once a week date night is best for married couples, but we just haven’t made it our reality. But, last night we got to get away together. Once we finished working on the remodel a little more we went home and cleaned up for our date.

One of the best parts is we did almost everything for free! We had several gift cards that have been saved from Christmas (one was from two years ago). So, we started the night meeting my parents at a shooting range. I have never been to a gun range before and I was a little uneasy about it. My husband was excited so I thought I would at least watch, but that didn’t last long.

My nerves set in a little as I put on my safety goggles and ear plugs and headed into the range. I had just basically signed my life away and handed my driver’s license over. It wasn’t packed by any means, but there were several others (mainly men, but a few women) already shooting, with all sorts of different kinds of guns.

I watched my husband take several turns and finally worked up the courage to give it a try, and I was amazed. I not only hit the target, but I had so much fun. So we spent the rest of our time there taking turns and trying to outshoot each other at different distances.

Once I got over my fear of it, I had a blast! And… I outshot my husband.


After this we went and used a $15 gift card for Applebee’s. We had a dinner of water, chips & salsa, and fried cheese sticks. Not the healthiest meal, but so enjoyable sitting and visiting with my man!

This was the perfect break for us. We enjoyed each other’s company and had a little time to be husband and wife. By the next morning we were both missing the kids again, instead of wanting to pull our hair out.

Life can get so hectic and crazy. It is so important to find ways to take breaks and keep things in balance. And what better way to do that, then spending an evening trying something new with my husband.

I could have spent the evening watching everyone else have a good time, but the real fun began when I set aside my fears and tried something new. I could have hated it, but even if I did I would have only spent a few minutes and decided not to keep going, but I ended up loving it.

What new things have you tried and loved?

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