Pizza Dough Recipe

I love big thick crust pizza!

In my effort to change up our family meals we had pizza, which if you know our family that isn’t much of a change. BUT we homemade our pizza, which is a change for us. To be honest, I have made pizza in the past, but my pizza dough recipe left a lot to be […]

Gumbo Anyone?


I have a confession; I cook the same foods almost every week: spaghetti, hamburgers, some kind of chicken, tacos, beef stroganoff, and salad. Every once in a while I will add in something like pulled pork, meatloaf, or breakfast for dinner. But for the most part our meals are very predictable. Last month after dropping […]

Traditional Philly Cheesesteak?

Yesterday in my attempt to expand my family’s dinner menu we made Philly Cheesesteaks. Now, we have never been to Philadelphia and have never had Philly cheesesteaks before, so I was walking blind. I spent a good part of my day (a lot longer than I should have) searching online for a traditional recipe and I […]

Beating the Fear of Going Alone

My middle child just started Kindergarten. Before school started, I found out about a two hour course that would be offered for free through a child development center two towns over that would discuss Kindergarten Readiness. I was having concerns about my daughter being ready for Kindergarten and was interested in attending. I invited a […]