5 Books for When Your Marriage Sucks

marriage books

If you are in an abusive marriage, this article does not apply. While some of these books might be helpful, it is important that you seek help in the right places and make sure that you and your children if you have them are safe. Focus on the Family has an article with advice for […]

Is Your Life Husband Centered?


Wow, I have been absent on my own blog for almost two weeks! Summer has gotten busy as it is quickly coming to an end and in all honesty I have been struggling to find anything marriage related to write about. My marriage hasn’t been the perfect example lately, old hurts have resurfaced stronger in […]

Upcoming 2016 Marriage Cruise!

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Are you tired in your marriage? Could you use a break? Maybe a motivation message, teaching or encouragement? Or maybe just a little alone time for you and your husband away from the kids? Check out the Build Your Marriage cruise coming up March 5-10, 2016. Featuring: Brad & Heidi Mitchell and Pastor Troy Schmidt Hear topics […]

Getting Married Young

I got married when I was 19, my husband was 23. We had been together since before I was 15. We have now been married for almost 12 years. There have been some great times and some REALLY hard times. There have been times when we weren’t sure we were going to stay together, but […]

Sharing a Post From Serving Joyfully

Today I wanted to share a blog post written by a woman whose husband is fighting wild fires up in Alaska. I thought this a really interesting article (and links) to read not only because of the things it taught me that I didn’t realize about wild fires and those who work tirelessly to put […]

CHALLENGE: Get Your Body Back


“Too many of us ladies went to great pains to be attractive to hook the man of our dreams and then, once we reeled him, we let our looks drift out to sea. Unfortunately, when our personal appearance runs amuck on the shores of complacency and laziness, so do our marriages.” (Becoming the Woman of […]

20 Ways to Respect Your Husband


In his book ­Love & Respect, Dr. Eggerichs says, “No husband feels affection toward a wife who appears to have contempt for who he is as a human being. The key to creating fond feelings of love in a husband toward his wife is through showing him unconditional respect.” So, you might be wondering “What […]

5 Ways to Love Your Sports Loving Husband

Sports Husband

My husband is a sports fanatic! He likes playing sports, he loves competition, and he enjoys watching sports. Baseball. Football. Basketball. Hockey. Well, he does draw the line at soccer, but he still know quite a bit of what is going on in the soccer world for not being a fan. I enjoy sports, somewhat. […]

Are You Faking It?


Why are we so good at putting our best foot forward in public when we are falling apart in private? My Bible study is going through the Restless study by Jennie Allen right now (love it!). This was our third week meeting and we had a few women join our study for this session that […]

The Song: My Movie Review

The song

Post contains in affiliate link to Amazon. Read here for full disclosure. Several weeks ago my church held a date night for married couples. It was wonderful. The tables were beautifully decorated and the youth served a dinner of salad, breadsticks, pasta, and cheesecakes. It was a very nice dinner that included free childcare (can’t […]