DIY Men’s Haircut

DIY Men’s Haircut

Hair clippersI cut Dustin’s hair this afternoon. I know for some of you, this is no big deal. You probably cut your husband’s and children’s hair all the time. For us, this was a huge deal!

Years ago we bought a set of clippers and I attempted several times at cutting Dustin’s hair. Each time after about 5 minutes we were fighting and I was in tears. I could cut the top and I could cut the sides, but the blending in the middle was the problem.

I would keep having him check and he would try to tell me what needed to be different, but neither one of us knew how to do it. After several times of this we decided that for our marriage it was worth the $15 for him to go get his haircut somewhere!

Well, fast forward to earlier this week. Dustin has needed his haircut and it seems crazy to being paying that money every couple weeks when we have the right equipment in our house.

I decided this week that I was going to invest a little time learning how to cut his hair (thank you youtube). I wish that I could recommend a single video or give you a step by step tutorial on how to cut your husband’s hair, but I can’t.

For the first time ever, he was actually happy when I had finished cutting his hair, and I thought it came out pretty darn good. It was by far the best haircut I have ever given him.

The few things that I did notice made the difference: doing a little research instead of just diving right in, and staying calm. Before, I would start to get panicky and nervous. I was scared that it wasn’t going to come out right. This time, because I had watched a few how-to videos I could go in a little more confident and I stayed calm.

I would have taken a few pictures to share, but I was much too focused from start to finish to even consider taking a picture!

Now I just need to invest a little time into figuring out how to cut the girls hair so I can save money on that too. My oldest had bangs when she was younger and I used to screw them up so bad that I finally had her grow them out and the next two never had bangs. That made it a lot easier to trim up the bottom every once in a while, but it could use some work.

Overall, I am so happy that I gave this a shot again, and then stuck with it in the middle when I started to question myself a little bit. It was a small step out of my comfort zone, but a new thing to try and perfect.



4 thoughts on “DIY Men’s Haircut

    1. Thank you! I am excited to save some money on monthly haircuts! Just wish I would have taken my time to figure it out years ago, think of all that money we could have saved!

  1. You tube videos are awesome! My children each got horrible haircuts two times in a row at the barbershop a couple years ago. I asked myself why am I paying for bad haircuts from so-called professionals, when I have to ask my boyfriend to fix them? So I bought a Wahl clipper set, a cape and a package of neck tissues. Children won’t sit still if they have itchy hair down their neck, I know I hated it when my hair was short as a child going to the salon. I watched about a dozen or so videos, a couple of them I watched multiple times. I was the ready to put that knowledge to use. I waited until my children were out of school, so if I messed up, I could just buzz their hair shorter. My guy who cuts my hair helped me with the technique of using the clippers, starting with larger number combs, working down to smaller for the back and sides and showed me how to blend the transition between the top and sides. Used a Wahl peanut clipper to touch up the neckline and sideburns. Finished results came out great. My mother complimented how good the haircuts looked and was quite surprised when I told I had cut their hair (with help). She said the haircuts were much better than what they got from the barber. Not only am I seeing better haircuts on my children, but I am saving hundreds. I figure at $30 for both including tip, plus transportation costs, I am saving over $500 a year. My hair trimmed every other month by my guy saves me nearly the same over what I would have spent going to the salon. And he has never given me a bad haircut. I was lucky to get two in a row I was happy with at the salon. So I agree, home haircuts are a great idea. And I know some women are happy doing their guys but freak out at the thought of submitting to the shears at the hands of their guy, but I have met quite a number of women who do and like me, get better results and save a lot of money. I have been told by stylists that cutting men’s hair is harder than cutting a woman’s hair. So then why do women get charged more? I guess we are conditioned by advertising that we have to go the salon and spend a lot of money to look good as it is not something you could do yourself. Well I do not buy into that line of garbage. I have even go my guy to color my hair for me saving me hundreds as well. I received a compliment by a woman who owns a salon at a school function on hair she loved my hair color and asked who did it. When I told her my guy did it, she said he did a great job and she would hire him, if he had a license. When I told her he cuts it as well, she said she was glad that most women don’t as it would put her out of business. I’m not trying to put her out of business, but there are a lot of other things I prefer to spend my money on, and salon visits are not on my list.

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