Get Your Body Back Challenge: Week 1 Review

Get Your Body Back Challenge: Week 1 Review

ChallengeOk, so I was supposed to post this on Monday and have been somewhat MIA from the blogging world the past week. I had some unexpected things come up and my attention has been all over the place over the past week or so, but the good news is… I did pretty well on Week 1 of my challenge!

I completed all 7 days of the P90x workout schedule last week. Well, almost the complete schedule; I didn’t complete the full Ab Ripper workout on each of the three days. A fifteen minute ab workout after an hour of a different routine just adds up when I’m out of shape!

I did drink a few too many pops and not enough water, but I’m doing better on that part so far this week.

I have to admit, my body already feels different (even though I’m sure it’s just in my head). After a few days of exercising I just started to feel a little better mentally and I am excited about getting my body stronger. When I was in the best shape in the past I enjoyed the way my body felt and worked. I felt strong and like my muscles were working together. Even simple things like climbing stairs or picking up the vacuum to move it around just felt better back then. I am looking forward to making progress to that point again.

I even stuck it out through most of the Yoga workout, which is by far my least favorite and I got my husband to join me on Sunday for some stretching.

We’ll see how Week 2 goes…

How about you? Wanna join in my challenge to get your body back?


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