Letting Your Children Try New Things

Letting Your Children Try New Things

As I have mentioned before, I am working on trying more things in life and not being afraid to put myself out there. In this process I have noticed the importance of giving my daughters opportunities to try new things as well. The last thing that I want is for them to grow up being afraid of taking chances and possibly missing opportunities to do things they could be great at.

My 5 year old has wanted to take ballet class for the past two years. But, dance is expensive and all the classes that I had found required a longer term commitment to the class, something I didn’t really want to do when we really had no idea if my daughter would like it or not.

Right before Christmas I found a recreation center a few towns over that was offering Beginner Ballet for her age. It is only once a week for six weeks and it was the most affordable option I had seen. We signed her up as part of her Christmas presents and a few days ago she had her first class.

She looked adorable in her little ballet outfit and shoes! I had her try them on at home and when I went to take a picture of her she struck a ballet pose! This was amazing to my husband and me because our daughter is picky at a level we had never seen before. For example, for the longest time she wouldn’t wear fleece pajamas in the winter because they were “too comfortable”, she spends a lot of the summer not liking the sun and when we are outside even on a mild day she will stay in the shade, she uses luke warm water in the bath tub because she doesn’t like it hot, and don’t even get me started about her clothes. We figured the chance of getting her into this outfit would be a long shot.

When she first tried her ballet slippers on a few weeks ago she decided she didn’t want to do dance because she didn’t like the way the shoes felt and she didn’t want to wear her hair in a bun (she will only do braids and only sometimes). However, I let her know she was going to do dance since it was a present and she could do braids instead of a bun.

I was amazed when a few days before her class she began getting very excited! I found her the pink leotard and skirt that she wanted and she put everything on, including the shoes, with no complaints. She had an amazing time and is so excited to go back next week.

As a mother, it is one of the best things to see that look on your child’s face when they have tried something new (that they might have been a little nervous to do) and they end up having a great time and being proud of themselves.

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