School Lunch Pizza Roll-Ups

As I have shared before, it is very easy for me to get in a routine of serving the same dinners over and over again. While I have been purposefully trying new recipes lately to give my family some variety, I realized the other day that the lunches I was sending with the girls were pretty much the same every day.

One of my daughter’s best friends (who happens to be my cousin) has a severe nut allergy. This means that she has to sit a separate table at lunch and the only kids who can sit with her cannot have anything nut related in their lunches.

This means that when I fall in to a school lunch rut my daughter is taking jam sandwiches to lunch every day. She likes jam sandwiches (where I cannot hardly imagine a PB&J without the PB!) but this can get very boring.

Over the weekend I made homemade pizza and we had leftover ingredients so, on Monday I tried switching up my daughters’ lunches. I made pizza roll-ups and they were a huge success and so quick and easy!!

We used tortilla shells that we had left-over from tacos last week, covered them with pizza sauce, topped with cheese (and ham), rolled the up and voila – quick and easy pizza roll-up.







I was a little unsure about the cold pizza sauce and un-melted cheese because it doesn’t sound that appealing to me, but they like whenever I allow them to pick out lunchables (not very often) and seem to like the pizza ones (yuck!), so I went with it.

I added in a drink, an apple, and a little piece of Halloween candy and we had a homemade lunchable that the girls loved and have asked for every day since (they get stuck in food ruts pretty easy too)!

This also let me use my favorite school lunch tip for apples. I use our apple slicer (or sometimes just a knife) to cut the apple almost all the way through. But, then instead of going through the other side you back out the slicer the way you came, leaving the bottom of the slices still attached to the core of the apple. Then you can push the slices back together and wrap the apple in plastic wrap. This keeps the pieces from browning before lunch, but it allows my 5 year old to easily break off each slice during lunch.







What are some school lunches that you pack to keep from falling into a lunch routine for your kids?


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