UPDATE New Things November

UPDATE New Things November

Wow! I did not do so well at my New Things November List:

  • Make Thanksgiving Dinner for in-laws This I did accomplish. I had a great time with my husband, our children, and his family. The meal turned out well and there was LOTS of food! I enjoyed working with my husband’s grandmother throughout the day.
  • Make Salted Caramels –  I did figure this recipe out after a few tries. You can read about my experience here. These were a BIG hit in my family.
  • Draw funny faces on my eggs – You would think this would be the easiest one to complete. It’s literally as simple as drawing silly faces on the eggs that are in my fridge and still I didn’t do it.
  • Take a CPL class – This one might still be to come.
  • Serve as a family – And this is the one that bothers me the most. We did not serve as a family in the month of November. We even got a box for Operation Christmas Child and I forgot to complete it. We do give money for Christmas gifts for the child that we sponsor through Compassion, but this is giving and not serving.

I know we are already well into December, but my New Things December list will be coming shortly.

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