Finding Encouragement


“Every individual believes deep down that he or she has a greater capacity for success than they are currently experiencing. They simply need someone who will believe in them and tell them so – someone who will fan the flame rather than extinguish the fire. We have that potential with our words.” – Sharon Jaynes […]

Special Photo Book Offer


My family loves photo books. We make one every year as a way to track our trips to Disney World. I love that we can include photos and our stories and the girls loves to get them out and compare each year. I received an offer to receive a free photo book if I were […]

Sharing a Post From Serving Joyfully

Today I wanted to share a blog post written by a woman whose husband is fighting wild fires up in Alaska. I thought this a really interesting article (and links) to read not only because of the things it taught me that I didn’t realize about wild fires and those who work tirelessly to put […]

31 Lessons from 31 Years


Sunday was my 31st birthday. I can’t believe it. I enjoyed the morning with my husband and got homemade cards from our girls. Then my in-laws took the girls for the afternoon while my husband took me out. I had a good day and we had some blessings along the way; our lunch was with […]

When You Feel Like You Aren’t Good Enough


Do you ever feel like you aren’t enough? That as the person you are, you just aren’t right? That no matter how much you work and how much you try to be what everyone wants you to be, you will never be enough? This was my struggle. I wanted to feel like enough. I wanted […]

5 Common Mistakes in Marriage


“And they lived happily ever after…” We have all read the stories that end like this and if you’re like most people this is the way you hope your life story will go. However, if you are like most people, you have learned that real life doesn’t go like we plan. Four years ago my […]

Dreaming of Warmth


Our Michigan winter has been extremely mild compared to last year, but it still leaves me dreaming of warmth. As I sit and type in my living room, my fingers are cold. But, I can look back at my pictures of our last Disney trip from August and enjoy the look of blue skies, green […]