A New Adventure – I’m a Travel Agent


If you haven’t noticed in the past, I love Disney and planning for Disney vacations. My family has been going each year since 2010 and I enjoy the planning process more and more every time! I hate when I hear people who didn’t enjoy their Disney vacations, or those that have went once and feel […]

20 Signs You Are a Disney Addict


As I have mentioned before, my family loves Disney World. Our Disney vacations are something that we look forward to on a consistent basis as a family. I have found when having conversations with people about Disney I have to hold back a little because I get too excited and come across a little… Disney […]

Do You Want to Hear a Funny Story?

The five of us on main street. We are from Michigan and wearing coats and are cold!

Sometimes it’s helpful to find a good recipe or a fun craft or project to do around home. Sometimes it’s nice to read a motivational or encouraging story. And sometimes it’s fun to just read something silly. You know those moments you have in life that are not funny at all the moment they are […]