Beating the Fear of Going Alone

Beating the Fear of Going Alone

My middle child just started Kindergarten. Before school started, I found out about a two hour course that would be offered for free through a child development center two towns over that would discuss Kindergarten Readiness. I was having concerns about my daughter being ready for Kindergarten and was interested in attending. I invited a friend, whose oldest child was starting school, to attend with me but she had a prior commitment. It was late to invite any other moms, and to be honest, I haven’t been very good at trying to make friends the past several years.

I was left with a choice:

  • Let fear of going by myself stop me from learning some information that could possibly help my daughter have a smoother transition to school, or
  • I could suck it up, go alone, and chance feeling awkward and uncomfortable by myself.

The choice seemed obvious, so, I decided to go alone. I was one of seven who showed up for the class. Only one other woman was there alone, the rest were split into two groups of coworkers. All six of the other woman either worked at day care centers or had a home center. I was the only woman there as a mom with questions about my own child. But, you know what? I had a good time. I learned a little bit of good information. I enjoyed a free class. I stepped out of my comfort zone and gained a little confidence by going alone.

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