Tomorrow is Not a Guarantee

Tomorrow is Not a Guarantee

Me and my cousin back in the day...
Me and my cousin back in the day…

A week ago Saturday my cousin passed away unexpectedly. She was 30 years-old. She had two little girls, a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old. Last Saturday, my husband and I attended the memorial service. To say it simple, it was tough to be there, watching her parents, daughters, sister. Looking at the pictures of us as children and the pictures of her with her children and knowing that she is just gone from this world.

Situations like that make you think about life and what we are doing with our own. I’m sure that like me, my cousin had dreams for her life and her daughters. Places that she wanted to visit and things she wanted to experience. Some dreams that she shared and others that were personal that she kept inside and didn’t share. All it took was one moment and all of those dreams were gone.

None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. We can think and dream of what we want to accomplish in life, but if we don’t take action today we will never get there. Day after day will go by and you will be no closer to your goal then the first day you started dreaming. But, if each day you can take a little step toward your goal you make progress. Each time that you choose not to take the easy route and put in that little extra effort, it pushes you closer to your goal. Maybe we will have a chance to reach our goals in life, or maybe our time here on earth will end before we get there. Either way, make sure that you are pursuing your dreams daily so when that time does come you know that you were making the best out of your life.

Don’t live in fear, try new things, spend time with your family, make good friends, forgive others and yourself, be generous, and don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams.

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