Don’t Be Afraid; Just Believe

Don’t Be Afraid; Just Believe

As I mentioned before, I have been working my way through a study that covers the book of Mark in the Bible. I was reading in chapter 5 a few days ago about the synagogue ruler named Jairus who came to Jesus because his daughter was sick. While he was with Jesus some men came and told Jairus that his daughter was dead and there was no point in bothering Jesus about it anymore.

What would be the outcome of this situation if Jesus was not who he was and is? Jairus would breakdown, be heartbroken, grief-stricken, possibly even angry that Jesus hadn’t hurried right over to heal his daughter. Jesus, would tell Jairus that he was, “sorry for his loss”, briefly comfort him, and then move on to a new place or talking to someone else while Jairus made his way slowly home. But, luckily for Jairus, Jesus was who he was and is who he is.

Verse 36 shares what happens, “Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the synagogue ruler, ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe.’” And then he went and brought Jairus’ daughter back to life.

I love it! Jesus ignored what the men were saying. What a great example for us! So often, when times are tough and life is difficult the people around us want to talk about the negative, ask us questions, get us stirred up and worried. Jesus knew the situation, so he ignored what they said. It didn’t even matter.

Then he said so simply “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” I bet every single person could benefit from hearing this phrase. Believing is the way to fight fear. If we believe that Jesus has the best in mind for us, we believe that He is bigger than our overwhelming situation, we believe that He is who is He is and in the end we are saved… then we don’t need to be afraid… of anything.

In Mark chapter 6 we learn that when Jesus returns to his hometown he is “amazed at their lack of faith”. The people actually “took offense” at him and didn’t believe, so much so that he could only heal a few sick people before moving on. Jesus had been healing and teaching so many people that crowds followed him and at one point he had to teach from a boat because there were so many people on shore, and yet, in his own hometown only a few believed enough to be healed.

Healing and miracles come to those who believe. Jairus believed and his daughter was brought back to life. The cripple and his friends who lowered him through a hole in the roof believed that Jesus could heal and the man could walk again. The man with leprosy believed enough to beg Jesus to heal him and he was healed. Even the demons in chapter 5 that were possessing a man believed that Jesus had the power to heal the man and they begged Jesus to be allowed to go into the pigs.

Are you praying for a miracle? Do you need healing? Are you believing and trusting God for the answer, whatever is in his will?

“Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

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